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In Another Castle

This was DJ’s last place to visit. Unfortunately it was right in the middle of the water, and very very high. He eyed the small wooden boat further along the beach and sighed. He needed to meet the target if he was going to get paid, and he was so close.

As he pushed the boat into the water and jumped in, he consoled himself with his plans for tonight, which consisted of alcohol, and stew and that book he can’t wait to start.

He was close enough to see that the castle was carved straight from the rock itself, and right at the base, right above the tide-line was a hole shaped like a doorway, and a ladder leading straight down into the water.

Just as he directed the little boat towards it, there was a whistling sound and a snick as something hit the water. A long moment later a small arrow floated up. He tried not to, but the urge to look up was irresistible.

“Get off my lawn!” someone yelled from one of the lower windows.

He let go of the paddles to put his hands up. “Please don’t kill me,” he said, “I’m a- a salesman?”

“Don’t want any,” the voice said, feminine he was sure.

“Please,” he said, “you’re my last castle to visit, I- I need to get paid.”

“I know all yer tricks,” she said, “and I don’t care. Get off my lawn or the next shot won’t be a warnin’.”

“Don’t you want to know what I’m even selling?” he asked.

There was a pause. “What is it then?”

“Pr-protective spells.” he said, feeling foolish as he said it.

The woman made a strange guttural sound and he realised she was laughing, no, cackling at him.

“What’s your name young man?”

“DJ,” he said.

“That the name your mother gave you?”

“No,” he said, “It’s Dinesh.”

“Dinesh,” she said, “you better come up, I’m losin’ my voice and I’m not done talking to you.”

He risked lowering his hands and tried to get a closer look, with no luck. Too late to back out now. As he tied off the boat and started climbing the ladder, he decided he’ll reward himself with dessert as well tonight. If he survived.