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Before the day is done

au where you see the angel of death for 24 hours before your soulmate dies, and if you tell your soulmate the angel will take you as well. (based on Seven Devils by Florence + The Machine)

The angel is waiting for Kali when she wakes up. At first she thinks she’s still dreaming but time passes and she’s still in bed, the light filtering through her curtains.

She sits up and curls her hands around her knees. “Please,” she whispered, “I haven’t even met them yet.”

The angel doesn’t say anything. She wonders if it can speak at all. She thinks about calling in sick to work and decides against it. What if today was the day she met her soulmate. She needs to leave the house.

She gets up and gets ready, watching the angel from the corner of her eye. It follows her to work, stands in the corner of the store, as if evaluating her. She’s so unnerved that she makes several mistakes, but the angel doesn’t leave and she doesn’t meet anyone who could be her soulmate.

At the end of her shift she comes to a decision and takes the next morning off. She goes out for dinner, figuring that the more people she meets the more chances she has of meeting this one person.

By the time she has less than 12 hours it’s become less about meeting her soulmate and more about saving this stranger who is going to die and didn’t have a clue.

She eventually goes home but sleep wouldn’t come, and the moment the sun starts coming out she gets up and decides to go for a walk. It’s silent, and too cold, and she thinks if she was a different person, she might do this regularly.

The angel follows her at a distance.

There’s more and more cars in the street and soon there’s kids in uniform walking around, and she realises she’s wondered to the school on the other side of the neighbourhood.

Then she see her. A teacher wearing a high visibility orange jacket, her straight black hair in a pony tail waiting to cross the road. A little kid pushes past her and into the road. She sees the teacher run out after the kid just as a car turns the corner.

Kali starts to run, knowing she won’t make it but she has to try. She has to be there. This is her only chance and her <i>soulmate</i>, she couldn’t let her die alone.

She doesn’t make it. Some one is screaming but the kid is fine, and the driver is getting out of his car, phone in hand.

She crouches down, knees on tarmac, taking the teachers hand in hers. There’s too much blood and she knows this is it. The angel is standing opposite her, waiting.

“Please,” she says again, an echo of 24 hours ago, but she’s not sure what she’s asking for this time. “It’s me,” she says instead.

“You,” the teacher says, “you knew?”

“I did,” Kali says, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t-”

“You’re here,” she interrupts, smiling weakly.

“I am,” Kali replies, unable to get anything more coherent past the lump in her throat.

The teacher sighs and stops breathing.

“No,” Kali whispers, “no, please.” she lets go of the teachers hand, and starts CPR, one hand over the other. She tilts the teachers head back and breathes into her mouth.

She hears sirens and there’s people in white pulling her away. She struggles against them until she realises someone’s taken over.

She looks up and the angel is gone but the paramedics were still working. “No, wait,” she calls, “don’t-”

“Ma’am,” someone is saying to her, “I understand this is a scary situation but were going to step back, we’ve got it from here.”

“The angel was here,” she says, turning on him, “you have to save her, don’t, please, don’t let it take her.”

“We’ll do our best.”


Years and years later, when Kali sees the angel again, she greets it like an old friend. They were ready for it this time.