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Easy no-sew DIY weighted blanket for sleep

You don’t need to know me for long before you know that I don’t sleep well. “What does that mean?” people ask, “do you have trouble falling asleep, do you wake up a lot? Is it…” It’s all of it. Falling asleep, staying asleep, upsetting dreams, restless dreams, wake up nightmares, nightmares I don’t wake up from…. The works, if it causes trouble sleeping, I’ve had it.

I found out about weighted blankets a few years ago, and once I realised it’s a thing, I’ve wanted to try it. I’ve always been the type to need to be covered from toes to chin to be able to fall asleep, and sleeping in winter meant I could have a blanket, a duvet and mink blanket, which meant bliss, and I realised that was because of the weight! I’ve even through extra pillows on myself to help me fall asleep in dire situations.

So, my idle hands create things, and weighted blankets is faaaaaar too expensive to spend for my anxious self, especially when a DIY was at my finger tips!

Turns out sewing a blanket from scratch needs a machine, and even though my mum has one, it’s a bit daunting to pull it out and work on it. I’m not there yet, I tell myself, what if people think I’m legit or something D:

I did a little more digging and I found a no-sew version that I liked, that shouldn’t take too much time or money, and should be done before I lose interest. Here it is!

I did end up doing a little bit of sewing but I again, idle hands.

Now that I’ve done the talky bits, let’s get to it!

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Leftovers Salad v1

So I’m trying to go low carb to try and lose some weight, and generally have had not a lot of success, mostly because I love carbs.

It’s only been a few weeks so I’m still trying to find my feet I think.

But I did find something that I like and is easy enough that even my anxious, depressed brain can handle making.

I call it leftovers salad.

I used one can tuna, I like the lemon and pepper flavour but whatever you have in the cupboard is fine. You can even use leftover chicken (I used chicken breast last time) or any kind of leftover protein you have (cheese? Tofu? Go wild.) Then I added any leftover chopped veges we have, threw in some olives, some olive oil and some green things from the garden, divided into two (2 cup) Tupperwares and we are good to go. The whole thing took me 20 minutes.

Full recipe:

1 180g can tuna

1 tomato chopped (approximately)

2 teaspoons cooked chopped chilli onions from yesterday

6 olives, pitted (that’s how many I pitted before I got bored)

One tablespoon chopped pickled olives and carrots (And a drizzle of its oil)

Some green leafy things from the garden, e.g. basil, probably mint, green onion, baby kale, hopefully lettuce.

Mix everything together. Taste as you go to make sure the proportions are okay. Add salt, pepper, lemon and/or olive oil to taste.

Separate into glass lunch boxes and be glad future you will be so thankful.

No pictures because there’s no way to dress up tuna salad all pretty like.