Monthly Archives: July 2018

Leftovers salad v2: quinoa

So a lot has happened since my last post!

I have slowly pulled myself out of one of my most severe depressive episodes, i got a new job, i moved cities!

But! Continuing to take care of yourself 100% of the time is exhausting, no?

So I’ve been taking it easy on myself, buying things that are easy to prepare, and i kmow ill like to eat instead of going ‘healthy’ (that lasted for like, a week)

But i made another salad! See i had chilli, ive been having chilli for over a week now, but finally i ran out of the pasta I’d designated it so i decided to make the quinoa I’d bought for a fancy salad i didnt end up making.

And damn, 1 cup of uncooked quinoa gives me about 4 lunch portions which is more than the chilli i had (its almost done hurrah!)

So you know, i had a handful of cherry tomatoes, i had some flavoured shredded chicken in a packet, and the persons house im staying at has ~garlic infused olive oil~ and ny friends, it was delicious!

So here you go.

1 cup cooked quinoa that you didn’t rinse too well before cooking and has a weird after taste

1 packet shredded chicken (I used Italian herb)

A handfull of cherry tomatoes you’ve had for 2 weeks but were still suspiciously firm

Olive oil (I used the fanciest on hand but you can use whatever) to taste

Salt to taste


Half the tomatoes so they dont burst in your mouth every time you eat one, unless you like that sort of thing, then skip this step.

Put everything in a tupperware and mix.

Eat half now and save some for later because youre gonna be late for work and its a waste if you eat too fast and make yourself sick.